About BFM

Broken Filter Media is designed to do one thing: shield the personal assets of its writers, directors and composers from legal liability for the things they create. Why risk your home because of a joke taken poorly by someone rich and powerful? Broken Filter Media, LLC to the rescue!

Okay, maybe BFM does more than one thing. But our goal is to provide an outlet for your creative endeavors and the assistance to get your project across the finish line!

Our History:

Broken Filter Media, LLC was formally established in March of 2020, but had been in development for years prior. The side project of Drew and Jamie Kocur, BFM was created to the the home for the various music, writing and film project ideas that had been lying dormant in various journals, Word docs and Notes entries. Now, as a few of these projects reach fruition, BFM is here to protect, exploit and bring to market these ideas. Need help with that things your soul needs to make but your brain can’t figure out? Let us help!

Contact Us:

75 North Woodward Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32313

"info," then the a with the squiggle around it, then the rest of the web address.